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What About Us

We are the NEEDED Children

Vision International for Needed Children is an international nonprofit organization with the objective to help impoverished children living around the word, especially in the United States of America, in the Republic of Haiti and in Dominican Republic. 

Vision International provides our children with the tools necessary for a bright and rewarding future. We provide our children with education, food, clothing and  medications. We also assist them with housing and shelter.

Vision International for Needed Children thrive to create an holistic approach  to serve this special population. We offer an array of programs to harness children's energy and creativity to support the poorest and most vulnerable ones around the world.

Our organization seeks to encompass self-esteem, independency, dignity and self-sufficiency, a sense of discipline and nationalism, respect, self-sufficiency, and an enhanced desire for success. 


Achieving a positive impact in the lives of our children is the main goal of Vision International for Needed Children. This goal intertwines with our multiple activities and projects. Our programs pledge to uplift, heal, support, encourage and improve our children's childhood to ensure them a better adulthood.

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